source: SMSSender/gateways/Post/lib/Post.qrc @ 151:6d08a9972b55

Last change on this file since 151:6d08a9972b55 was 151:6d08a9972b55, checked in by Sämy Zehnder <saemy.zehnder@…>, 7 years ago
  • Removed the .qm-links in the lib-directories of the gateways Post and Sunrise.
File size: 459 bytes
2    <qresource prefix="/certs">
3        <file>VerisignCA3.crt</file>
4    </qresource>
5    <qresource prefix="/images">
6        <file>Post.ico</file>
7    </qresource>
8    <qresource prefix="/locale">
9        <file alias="post-de.qm">../locale/de.qm</file>
10        <file alias="post-fr.qm">../locale/fr.qm</file>
11        <file alias="post-it.qm">../locale/it.qm</file>
12        <file alias="post-de_CH.qm">../locale/de_CH.qm</file>
13    </qresource>
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